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The DCT250 Dual Clutch Renault (with Less Forks) is an efficient transmission system for vehicles. With its dual clutch technology, it allows for smooth and efficient gear shifting while providing superior drivability. It boasts increased fuel efficiency and reliability, making it the perfect choice for your vehicle.

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DCT250 | Dual Clutch Renault | (Less Forks)


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Comparison Numbers


OE Numbers:
302057266R 302054315R


For the Following Vehicles:

2013-2018 Duster Off-Road
2017 - On Duster II

2007-2015 Laguna III Sport Tourer (KT)
2017- On Kangoo II / Grand Kangoo (KW)
2013 - On Kangoo II Express (FW)
2012 - 2015 Laguna III Coupe (DT)
2009 - On Megane III Hatchback (BZ0/1)
2009 - On Megane III Coupe (DZ)
2009 - On Megane III Grandtour (KZ)
2009 - On Scénic III (JZ0/1_)
2009 - On Grand Scénic III (JZ)
2010 - On Fluence (L3_)
2010 - On Megane CC (EZ)
2010 - On Latitude
2012 - On Clio IV Hatchback (BH)
2013 - On Clio IV Grandtour (KH)
2013 - On Captur (J5_, H5_)
2015 - On Talisman Saloon (L2M_)
2015 - On Kadjar (HA_, HL_)
2015 - On Megane IV Hatchback (B9A/M/N)
2016 - On Talisman Grandtour (KP_)
2016 - On Megane IV Grandtour (K9A/M/N)
2014 - On Clio IV Van
2016 - On Megane IV Saloon
2019 - On Duster (HM_)


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