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RAVENOL AWD-TOR FLUID is a high quality fully synthetic formulation based on polyalphaolefins (PAO) with a special additives and inhibitors for transfer cases of Torsen type four-wheel drive systems from VW and AUDI. To improve the operating characteristics of intermittent loads, 4% of a particular friction modifier is used in the formula. RAVENOL AWD-TOR FLUID guarantees low wear and, thanks to its excellent properties, ensures a long service life of the gearbox.

A Torsen differential belongs to the group of limited slip differentials and is derived from the words Torque and sense. It is a purely mechanical differential that works without sensors and can often be found in Audi Quattro models today. It compensates for speed differences and can distribute the torque unevenly. The ratio in which the torque can be distributed between the two sides is called the torque-bias ratio, or TBR for short.
While with the open differential, the torque is either equally distributed to both wheels or lost on the tractionless wheel, the 100 percent limited-slip differential always distributes the power in the same ratio. The Torsen differential, on the other hand, multiplies the force that can still be delivered on the low-traction wheel by the ratio of the TBR to the wheel with greater traction or slower rotation.

Application Notes

RAVENOL AWD-TOR FLUID is suitable for use in transfer cases of Torsen type four-wheel drive systems from VW, AUDI and other vehicle manufacturers and is excellently suited for use in normal road traffic as well as in motorsport. Observe manufacturer's instructions.


  • SAF-AG4 + FM
  • VW/Audi G 055 145 A2



  • An addition of 4% of a special friction modifier
  • Excellent flowability at low temperatures
  • Low wear
  • High, stable viscosity index
  • Reliable protection against wear, corrosion and foaming
  • Excellent viscosity-temperature behaviour
  • Neutral behaviour towards sealing materials


Ravenol AWD-TOR Fluid 1L


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VW/Audi G 055 145 A2


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