Torque Converters

An Engineer working on a torque converter
The different parts of a torque converter
One of our engineers working on a converter

Torque Converters are an essential part of Automatic Transmissions.

The torque converter and the transmission’s performance are inextricably linked. They work together – for better or worse. Your vehicle’s engine horsepower can only be transferred to the wheels when these two tasks work together. A weak connection (failure) in one will very certainly cause failure in the other. To put it another way, if one falls down, the other is sure to follow.

We will be able to help if you have any of the following issues with your converter:

  • Slipping out of gear;
  • Loss of acceleration;
  • Reduction in fuel economy;
  • Overheating;
  • Shuddering;
  • Strange/Unusual sounds

Sussex Autos has invested in an innovative torque converter rebuilding method that allows us to rebuild torque converters accurately and quickly, including converters for the industrial sector. This entails slicing the housing apart, stripping it down, and cleaning or replacing (if necessary) each component separately. Using specially built precise alignment equipment, we reassemble the torque converter and weld the casing together. We maintain strict quality control and only employ the highest-quality torque converter parts available. As a result, the end result is as good as new. Accuracy in all aspects of converter rebuilding is paramount. Therefore, we use only the best equipment, most of which is imported from the USA, including (but not limited to):

  • ATI Performance Products CW3 Converter Welder;
  • High Pressure Testing Rig;
  • TCRS Clutch Plate Realignment Machine;
  • ATI CW3 Accu-Balance Converter Balancer;
  • Vixen Aquablast 1215 Cabinet;
  • Alfred Herbert 9A Combo Turret Lathe.

We have been rebuilding torque converters for cars, trucks and buses since the company started. Our reputation is second to none for both service and quality. We have over 700 Remanufactured and New Torque Converters in stock. We dispatch globally on a daily basis from our head office in South East UK.

Much of our company’s continuing success in the torque converter market can be attributed to our fine attention to detail, using precision equipment, quality control and maintaining high standards of engineering.

Sussex Autos Torque Converters are fully guaranteed and have an industry beating warranty! Please contact us for further warranty details.

Enquiries for single off the shelf converters, or batches welcome.

Quality assured.

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