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02E DQ250 DSG | Drive Shaft Seal Near Side

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Comparison Numbers

OE No:
02M-301-189-B | 02M301189B


Diameter: 74mm
Inner Diameter 2: 60mm
Height 1: 8mm
Dust Cover: with dust lip


For the Following Vehicles:

2019-On A1 Citycarver
2010-2018 A1 Hatchback
2011-2018 A1 Sportback
2018-On A1 Sportback
2000-2005 A2
2008-2013 A3 Convertible
2013-On A3 Convertible
1996-2003 A3 Hatchback
2003-2012 A3 Hatchback
2012-On A3 Hatchback
2013-On A3 Saloon
2020-On A3 Saloon
2004-2013 A3 Sportback
2012-On A3 Sportback
2020-On A3 Sportback
2016-On Q2
2011-On Q3
2018-On Q3
2019-On Q3 Sportback
1998-2006 TT Coupe
2006-2014 TT Coupe
2014-On TT Coupe
1999-2006 TT Roadster
2007-2014 TT Roadster
2014-On TT Roadster

2009-2012 Punto Evo Hatchback

1995-2006 Galaxy Mk1

1996-2010 Alhambra I
2010-On Alhambra II
2004-On Altea
2006-On Altea XL
2017-On Arona
2016-On Ateca
2002-2009 Córdoba II Saloon
2002-2009 Ibiza III Hatchback
2008-On Ibiza IV Hatchback
2008-On Ibiza IV Sportcoupe
2010-On Ibiza IV ST
2008-2015 Ibiza Sportcoupe BoxBody / Hatchback
2017-On Ibiza V
2012-On Leon Box Body / Hatchback
1999-2006 Leon I Hatchback
2005-2012 Leon II Hatchback
2010-On Leon III Hatchback
2013-On Leon III SC
2013-On Leon III ST
2019-On Leon IV
2020-On Leon IV Sportstourer
2013-On Leon ST BoxBody / Estate
2018-On Tarraco
1998-2006 Toledo II Saloon
2004-2009 Toledo III
2012-On Toledo IV Hatchback

2000-2007 Fabia I Combi
1999-2008 Fabia I Hatchback
2000-2007 Fabia I Praktik
1999-2007 Fabia I Saloon
2007-2014 Fabia II Combi
2006-2014 Fabia II Hatchback
2014-On Fabia III Estate
2014-On Fabia III Hatchback
2019-On Kamiq
2017-On Karoq Off-Road
2015-On Kodiaq
2000-2010 Octavia I Box Body / Estate
1998-2010 Octavia I Combi
1996-2010 Octavia I Hatchback
2004-2013 Octavia II Combi
2004-2013 Octavia II Hatchback
2012-On Octavia III Combi
2012-On Octavia III Hatchback
2019-On Octavia IV Combi
2020-On Octavia IV Saloon
2012-On Rapid Hatchback
2011-On Rapid Saloon
2012-On Rapid Spaceback
2006-2015 Roomster
2007-2015 Roomster Praktik
2019-On Scala Hatchback
2009-2015 Superb II Estate
2008-2015 Superb II Hatchback
2015-On Superb III Estate
2015-On Superb III Hatchback
2009-2017 Yeti

2017-On Arteon
2020-On Arteon Shooting Brake
2011-2019 Beetle Convertible
2011-On Beetle Hatchback
1998-2005 Bora Saloon
1999-2005 Bora Variant
2015-On Caddy Alltrack IV Kombi
2015-On Caddy Alltrack IV Van
2004-2015 Caddy III Estate
2004-2015 Caddy III Van
2015-On Caddy IV Kombi
2015-On Caddy IV Van
2011-On CC
2006-2015 Eos
1998-2002 Golf IV Convertible
1997-2005 Golf IV Hatchback
1999-2006 Golf IV Variant
2005-2013 Golf Plus / Crossgolf
2015-On Golf Sportsvan
2003-2015 Golf V Hatchback
2007-2009 Golf V Variant
2011-2016 Golf VI Convertible
2008-2014 Golf VI Hatchback
2009-2014 Golf VI Variant
2012-On Golf VII Hatchback
2013-On Golf VII Variant
2019-On Golf VIII Hatchback
2005-2010 Jetta Mk5
2010-On Jetta Mk6
2017-On Jetta Mk7 Saloon
1998-2010 Lupo / Lupo 3L
2004-2009 Lupo II Hatchback
2003-2015 Multivan T5
2015-On Multivan T6
2002-2010 New Beetle Convertible
1998-2010 New Beetle Hatchback
2005-2010 Passat B6 Saloon
2005-2011 Passat B6 Variant
2010-2014 Passat B7 Box Body/ Estate
2010-2014 Passat B7 Saloon
2010-2014 Passat B7 Variant
2014-On Passat B8 Saloon
2014-On Passat B8 Variant
2008-2012 Passat CC
2001-2009 Polo IV Hatchback
2002-On Polo IV Saloon
2009-On Polo V Hatchback
2010-On Polo V Saloon
2014-On Polo VI
2008-On Scirocco III
1995-2010 Sharan I
2010-On Sharan II
2018-On T-Cross
2017-On Tiguan Allspace
2007-2018 Tiguan I
2016-On Tiguan II
2003-2010 Touran I
2010-2015 Touran I
2015-On Touran II
2003-2015 Transporter T5 Minibus
2003-2015 Transporter T5 Platform / Chassis
2003-2015 Transporter T5 Van
2015-On Transporter T6 Minibus
2015-On Transporter T6 Platform / Chassis
2015-On Transporter T6 Van
2017-On T-Roc
2019-On T-Roc Convertible


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02E DQ250 DSG | Drive Shaft Seal Near Side

Ensure optimal transmission performance with the high-quality 02E DQ250 DSG Drive Shaft Seal for the near side. Expertly crafted and made from top-grade materials, this seal provides a secure fit and efficient operation for your vehicle's transmission system.

Key Features:

  • Premium Quality: Crafted from top-grade materials for durability and reliability.
  • Secure Fit: Ensures a tight seal to prevent fluid leakage and maintain transmission efficiency.
  • Enhanced Performance: Supports smooth operation of the drive shaft, enhancing overall vehicle performance.
  • Longevity: Designed to withstand the rigors of daily use, providing long-lasting durability.
  • Easy Installation: Direct replacement for straightforward installation and maintenance.

Why Choose the Drive Shaft Seal Near Side?

The OE No. 02M-301-189-B (02M301189B) Drive Shaft Seal is engineered to meet or exceed OEM standards, ensuring compatibility and reliability. Trust Sussex Autos for superior quality components that keep your vehicle running smoothly.