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ZF Lifeguard Fluid 9 was specially developed by ZF for use in 8HP and 9HP automatic passenger car transmissions. The friction behavior has been optimally adapted for this transmission and is consistent over the entire service life. These features are a prerequisite for perfect shifting characteristics and vibration-free operation. ZF Lifeguard Fluid 9 fulfills the most demanding requirements on the transmission’s comfort behavior.

The additives, which are customized to the individual components, also provide specialized protection and thus increase the service life of all transmission components. The optimized viscosity forms the basis of maximized fuel savings. The high-quality semi-synthetic base oil ensures that high thermal-oxidative stability is maintained throughout the transmission’s entire service life. Due to its flat viscosity-temperature characteristic curve, it is also well suited for use in particularly cold or hot climatic regions.


ZF Lifeguard Fluid 9 was specially developed for use in ZF 8HP and 9HP automatic transmissions. The approvals for each specific case can be found in the ZF List of Lubricants TE-ML 11. Please note that only ZF Lifeguard Fluid 9 may be used for these transmissions (where applicable, also available from the relevant original equipment manufacturer as a genuine spare part). Using other transmission fluids can lead to various adverse effects, ranging from significant deterioration in shifting characteristics to transmission failure. In principle, changing the transmission fluid is only necessary when repairs are carried out.

ZF automatic transmissions are generally filled with lifetime oil. However, due to the many factors influencing the service life of transmissions in individual operation, ZF recommends an oil change after 150,000 km for its transmissions. In operating conditions with high temperatures and loads, or with unknown vehicle use in the past, it can make sense to change the transmission oil at shorter intervals.

When changing the fluid, only the approved transmission fluid may be used for the fluid change, and it is also necessary to ensure that the transmission fluid change is carried out according to the relevant ZF provisions.


ZF Lifeguard Fluid 9 (1 L)

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